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RanG #520 – G7 ow tos dhe Gernow

An G7 a vydh ow tos dhe Gernow The G7 will be coming to Cornwall.

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RanG #519 – Penn bloodh lowen 70 dhe VK

Penn bloodh lowen 70 Mebyon Kernow Happy 70th birthday Mebyon Kernow. Yma kudyn dhyn kelmi server an wiasva dhe’n podkast y’n eur ma. WE ARE HAVING TROUBLE LINKING THE WEBSITE SERVER TO THE PODCAST AT THE MOMENT Ytho, ottomma an gevren / SO HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK: http://radyo.kernewegva.com/podcast/mp3s/radyo519.mp3

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RanG #518 – Kemysk

Kemysk a ilow ha kows rag an vledhen nowydh. A mix of music and speech for the new year.

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RanG #516 – Re dheuth Nadelik

Ottomma agas towlen Nadelik gans servis ledyes gans Rev Jane Kneebone. Here is your Christmas show with a service led by Rev Jane Kneebone.

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RanG #515 – An seythen kyns Nadelik

Davyth Trethewey a lever an nowodhow efanvos ha ni a woslow orth nebes levow a dus kellys yn 2020. Davyth Trethewey tells us the space news and we hear some voices of people lost in 2020.

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