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RanG #451 – Morvoren ha morenyon

Yma dhyn frosyans a ilow ha darnow gans an ger ‘moren’ ynna. We have a stream of music and items with the word ‘maiden’ in them.

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RanG #450 – George ha Samantha

Julia Allard ha Rod Lyon a gews dhyn yn kever dallethvos George ha Samantha. Julia Allard and Rod Lyon speak about the beginnings of George and Samantha.

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RanG #449 – Gorsedh Kernow

Ni a dhe Lannust rag Gorsedh Kernow 2019 We go to St Just for Gorsedh Kernow 2019

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RanG #448 – Fylmya Jerry hag Erel.

Jerry Sethir a gews genen a-dro dhe fylmya towlennow nowydh. Jerry Sethir speaks with us about filming new shows.

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RanG #447 – Fatel o Gool Keltek a’n Oriant?

Jenefer Lowe a lever pyth esa ow hwarvos an vledhen ma y’n Oriant. Jenefer Lowe tells us what was happening this year at Lorient.

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RanG #446 – Pol Hodge orth Esedhvos Kembra

Pol Hodge res eth dhe Gembra gans an Bardh Meur rag Esedhvos Kembra. Pol Hodge has been to Wales with the Grand Bard for the Welsh Eisteddfod.

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