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RanG #444 – Eylgylghya

Rob Nolan hag Esme Tackley a lever dhyn pandr’a wra Konsel Kernow gans eylgylghya. Rob Nolan and Esme Tackley tell us what Cornwall Council is doing with recycling.

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RanG #443 – Piwasow hag Apposyansow

Pol Hodge a dheriv piwasow a’n Orsedh ha leverel ‘keslowena’ dhe dhyskyblon a Gernewek. Pol Hodge reports on Gorsedh prizes and says ‘well done’ to Cornish language students.

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RanG #441 – Yma Esther genen

Esther a dheu dhe’n studhyo ha kewsel a Dhydh Feri nessa bledhen. Esther comes into the studio and talks of Helston Flora next year.

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RanG #440 – £200,000

Dew kans mil peuns dhe’n taves. £200,000 for the language.

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RanG #439 – Trev Lawrence

Ni a borth kov a Trev Lawrence neb a verwis y’n seythen yw passys. We remember Trev Lawrence who died last week.

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