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RanG #500 – Nadres

Nicholas Williams a gews a-dro dhe nadres, Jenefer Lowe a-dro dhe dhonsya yn-dann rewlys kovyd19, ha Frances Bennett a-dro dhe sidi nowydh. Nicholas Williams talks about adders, Jenefer Lowe about dancing under covid19 rules, and Frances Bennett tells us about a new CD.

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RanG #499 – Myghtern Olaf

Yma hwedhel dhe-les gans Nicholas Williams ow tuchya Myghtern Olaf. Nicholas Williams has an interesting story about King Olaf.

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RanG #498 – Gool an Oriant

Heb Gool an Oriant hevlena, pyth a veu gwrys warlinen yn Kernow? Without a Lorient festival this year, what was done online in Cornwall?

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RanG #496 – Craig Weatherhill

Nicholas Williams a gows ow tuchya nebes lyvrow gans Craig. Nicholas Williams talks about some books by Craig.

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RanG #495 – Sylvester ha’n Dhragon

Gwarioryon Agan Tavas gans ‘Sylvester ha’n Dhragon’ The Agan Tavas players with ‘Silvester and the Dragon’

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