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RanG #435 – Ebron y’n nos

Davydh a vir orth an ebron ha styrya an pyth a welir ynni an mis ma. Davydh watches the sky and explains what one can see in it this month.

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RanG #434 – Rudh po Gell?

Nicholas Williams a wovyn pyth yw an ger ewn – po rudh po gell? Nicholas Williams asks what is the proper word in Cornish for ‘brown’?

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RanG #433 – Piw o Dewi?

Nicholas Williams a lever dhyn prag y kevir Dewi ha Davydh yn Kernewek. Nicholas Williams tells us why one finds Dewi and Davydh in Cornish.

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RanG #432 – Dalva an Yeth

Mark Trevethan a wra daswel a Dhalva an Yeth hag yma Esther Johns genen y’n studhla. Mark Trevethan reviews Dalva an Yeth and Esther Johns is with us in the studio.

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RanG #431 – Wosa Feri Hellys

Towlen leun a geskows hag ilow yw warlergh Gol Feri Hellys. A programme full of talk and music on the heels of Helston Flora. (Skeusen: Sarah Tresidder)

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RanG #430 – Towl Kernewek Konsel Kernow

Kabynet Konsel Kernow a dhegemer an towl Kernewek. Cornwall Council’s cabinet accepts the Cornish language plan.

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