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RanG #507 – An Mis

Tim Hambly a gows a-dro dhe sevel mona nowydh rag skoodhya An Mis. Tim Hambly discusses raising new money to support An Mis.

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RanG #506 – Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner a dhysmygas skitya bryghlin. Edward Jenner invented vaccination.

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RanG #505 – Skians2020

Skians 2020 a veu synsys y’n seythen yw passys. Skians 2020 was held last week.

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RanG #504 – Porthbud 2001

Ni a wayt GK2021 yn Porthbud. We look forward to Gorsedh Kernow 2021 in Bude.

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RanG #503 – Nowedga

Towlen leun a Gernowek Diwedhys yw an seythen ma. It is a programme full of Late Cornish this week.

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RanG #502 – Goon las

Yma rekordyans nowydh ha bardhonek a-dro dhe Woon Las. There is a new recording and poem about Goon Las.

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