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RanG #617 – Keur heb hanow

An seythen ma: Kovyans Tony Snell gans Tim Saunders. ‘Pons Dowr Tay’ gans Nicholas Williams. Keswel gans Sarah Tresidder a Geur Heb Hanow.

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RanG #616 – Goredhom boos

An seythen ma: ‘Nevra arta’ (rann 4) gans Tim Saunders. ‘Beybel Sans’ gans Nicholas Williams. ‘Goredhom boos’ – Loveday Jenkin

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RanG #615 – Tewydnek

An seythen ma: ‘Nevra arta’ (rann 3) gans Tim Saunders. ‘Branwen’ gans Nicholas Williams. ‘Tregedna Tewydnek’ – Esther Johns

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RanG #614 – Dalva an Yeth

An seythen ma: ‘Nevra arta’ (rann 2) gans Tim Saunders. ‘Emproures Elisabeth’ gans Nicholas Williams. ‘Dalva an yeth’ – Mark Trevethan

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RanG #613 – Lowender Peran 2022

An seythen ma: ‘Nevra arta’ (rann 1) gans Tim Saunders. ‘Mary Killigrew’ gans Nicholas Williams. Lowender Peran 2022

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RanG #612 – Daswel golyow kyns Lowender Peran

An seythen ma: Ni a vir warlergh war wolyow Lowender Peran yn blydhynyow kyns. ‘Kador/Chayr’ gans Nicholas Williams.

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