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RanG #633 – Kernewegor yn Nihon a sen an shamisen

Jerry Sethir: chiow affordyadow Tom Vincent: Seni an shamisen Tim Saunders: Arta Ev A Dheu 10 Nicholas Williams: ‘Peugeot’

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RanG #632 – Gool Media Keltek… ha moy…

Mark Trevethan: Gool Media Keltek Delia Brotherton: Pewas Pergherin rag Lianne Wilson Tim Saunders: Arta Ev A Dheu 9 Nicholas Williams: ‘yn’

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RanG #631 – Gool Peran

Pol Hodge a vir war dhe-lergh orth hwarvosow Gool Peran an vledhen ma. Pol Hodge looks back at St Piran’s events this year.

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RanG #630 – Nerth dordesel

Jerry Sethir a lever dhyn a-dro dhe’n nowodhow yn kever nerth dordesel yn Kernow. Jerry Sethir tells us of the news about geothermal power in Cornwall.

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RanG #629 – Pewasow Gorsedh Kernow

Tamsin Spargo a gews dhyn yn kever pewasow Gorsedh Kernow hevlena. Tamsin Spargo speaks to us about this year’s Gorsedh Kernow awards.

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RanG #628 – Mer Kernow

Sarah Tresidder a re hy thybyansow war desten an Mer Kernow. Sarah Tresidder gives her ideas on the topic of the Mayor for Cornwall.

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