RanG #511 – Treylya Tolkein

Jerry  Sethir a gows genen a-dro dhe dreylya Arlodh an Bysowyer.

Jerry Sethir talks with us about translating Lord of the Rings.

RanG #510 – Kernewiki

Kewsel genen a wra neb unn esel a’n bagas usi ow skrifa erthyglow Wikipedia yn Kernewek.

One of the members of the group who is writing Wikipedia articles in Cornish talks with us.

RanG #509 – Etholans Statys Unys

Ni a gyv nowodhow ow tuchya an etholans y’n Statys Unys.

We get news on the election in the United States.

RanG #508 – Lowender Peran

Nyns eus Lowender Peran hevlena awos Kovyd19. Byttegyns, yth eson ni ow kovhe diwettha 3 bledhen a’n gool.

There isn’t a Lowender Peran this year because of Covid19. However, we are remembering the last 3 years of the festival.

RanG #507 – An Mis

Tim Hambly a gows a-dro dhe sevel mona nowydh rag skoodhya An Mis.

Tim Hambly discusses raising new money to support An Mis.

RanG #506 – Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner a dhysmygas skitya bryghlin.

Edward Jenner invented vaccination.

RanG #505 – Skians2020

Skians 2020 a veu synsys y’n seythen yw passys.

Skians 2020 was held last week.

RanG #504 – Porthbud 2001

Ni a wayt GK2021 yn Porthbud.

We look forward to Gorsedh Kernow 2021 in Bude.

RanG #503 – Nowedga

Towlen leun a Gernowek Diwedhys yw an seythen ma.

It is a programme full of Late Cornish this week.

RanG #502 – Goon las

Yma rekordyans nowydh ha bardhonek a-dro dhe Woon Las.

There is a new recording and poem about Goon Las.