RanG #517 – Bledhen nowydh da

Agan kynsa towlen 2021

Our first show of 2021

RanG #516 – Re dheuth Nadelik

Ottomma agas towlen Nadelik gans servis ledyes gans Rev Jane Kneebone.

Here is your Christmas show with a service led by Rev Jane Kneebone.

RanG #515 – An seythen kyns Nadelik

Davyth Trethewey a lever an nowodhow efanvos ha ni a woslow orth nebes levow a dus kellys yn 2020.

Davyth Trethewey tells us the space news and we hear some voices of people lost in 2020.

RanG #514 – Jane Eyre yn Kernowek

Jane Eyre re beu treylys dhe Gernowek. Ynwedh, yma ilow nowydh ha kedhlow ow tuchya Kan Rag Kernow.

Jane Eyre has been translated to Cornish. also, we have new music and details about Kan Rag Kernow.

RanG #513 – Py fordh a gemmeryn?

Nicholas Williams a re dhyn poyntys an compas (mornaswydh). Ni a dhe Gowsva dhe weles pandr’yllir prena ena an Nadelik ma.

Nicholas Williams gives us the points of the compass in Cornish. We go to Kowsva to see what one can buy this Christmass too.

RanG #512 – Nivel Onan

Rod Sheaff a styr dhyn ni ‘Nivel Onan’ y’n rewlys nowydh Kovyd19.

Rod Sheaff explains to us the meaning of ‘Tier 1’ in the new Covid19 rules.

RanG #511 – Treylya Tolkein

Jerry  Sethir a gows genen a-dro dhe dreylya Arlodh an Bysowyer.

Jerry Sethir talks with us about translating Lord of the Rings.

RanG #510 – Kernewiki

Kewsel genen a wra neb unn esel a’n bagas usi ow skrifa erthyglow Wikipedia yn Kernewek.

One of the members of the group who is writing Wikipedia articles in Cornish talks with us.

RanG #509 – Etholans Statys Unys

Ni a gyv nowodhow ow tuchya an etholans y’n Statys Unys.

We get news on the election in the United States.

RanG #508 – Lowender Peran

Nyns eus Lowender Peran hevlena awos Kovyd19. Byttegyns, yth eson ni ow kovhe diwettha 3 bledhen a’n gool.

There isn’t a Lowender Peran this year because of Covid19. However, we are remembering the last 3 years of the festival.