RanG #413 – Viaj dhe Alban

Ni a dhe Alban dhe weles Yowann Byghan / We go to Scotland to visit Yowann Byghan.

RanG #412 – An Vledhen Nowydh

Yth eson ni owth omlowenhe an vledhen nowydh gans Pol ha Jane.

RanG #411 – Towlen Nadelik

Rang #411 – Towlen Nadelik

Yth eson ni owth omlowenhe Nadelik gans Pol ha Jane.

RanG #410 – Keur Heb Hanow

Rang #410 – Keur Heb Hanow

Dyski a wren yn kever hwedhel a Geur Heb Hanow.

We learn about the story of Keur Heb Hanow.

Dynnargh dhe’n wiasva nowydh / Welcome to the new website

Dynnargh dhe’n wiasva usi owth ostya gonisyow radyo ha pellwolok rag Kernewek.

Welcome to the website which hosts both the radio and TV services for the Cornish language.

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