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RanG #629 – Pewasow Gorsedh Kernow

Tamsin Spargo a gews dhyn yn kever pewasow Gorsedh Kernow hevlena.

Tamsin Spargo speaks to us about this year’s Gorsedh Kernow awards.

RanG #628 – Mer Kernow

Sarah Tresidder a re hy thybyansow war desten an Mer Kernow.

Sarah Tresidder gives her ideas on the topic of the Mayor for Cornwall.

RanG #627 – Kov Trev

Phil Knight a govha Trev Lawrence. Nicholas Williams a gews a vryckys ha Tim Saunders a lenn ‘Arta ev a dheu’.

Phil Knight remembers Trev Lawrence. Nicholas Williams talks about bricks and Tim Saunders reads ‘Again he will come’.

RanG #626 – Jazz gans Pawl Dunbar

Pawl Dunbar a lever dhyn a-dro dh’y gerensa a venestrouthi jazz.

Pawl Dunbar tells us about his love of jazz music.

RanG #625 – Mark Jenkin

Mark Jenkin a gews genen a-dro dh’y fylm nowydh ‘Enys Men’. Yma ganso, Denzil Monk, askorrer a’n fylm.

Mark Jenkin speaks with us about his new film ‘Enys Men’. The film’s producer, Denzil Monk, joins him.

RanG #624 – Jowdy Davey

Yma Jowdy Davey ow klappya genen an seythen ma wosa hi dhe dhalleth hy soodh nowydh avel hembrenkyas an taves dhe Gonsel Kernow.

Jowdy Davey is chatting with us this week after she started her new position as Lead Cornish Language Officer at Cornwall Council.


RanG #623 – An fusen

Jerry Sethir a dhre derivas dhyworth Porth Efanvos Kernow.

Jerry Sethir brings a report from Cornwall Spaceport.

RanG #622 – Daswelyow

Meur a lyvrow-termyn hag erel re dheuth dhyn dres Nadelik. Ytho, y fydhyn ni ow kul daswel bras an seythen ma.

Many magazines and other things have come to us over Christmas. So, we will be doing a big review this week.

RanG #621 – Bledhen nowydh da

An seythen ma ni a re dhywgh towlen rag goslowes orti ha hwi ow tynnerghi an vledhen nowydh.

RanG #620 – Nadelik Lowen

An seythen ma ni a re dhywgh towlen rag goslowes orti ha hwi ow tarbari kynyow Nadelik.