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RanG #506 – Edward Jenner

Edward Jenner a dhysmygas skitya bryghlin.

Edward Jenner invented vaccination.

RanG #505 – Skians2020

Skians 2020 a veu synsys y’n seythen yw passys.

Skians 2020 was held last week.

RanG #504 – Porthbud 2001

Ni a wayt GK2021 yn Porthbud.

We look forward to Gorsedh Kernow 2021 in Bude.

RanG #503 – Nowedga

Towlen leun a Gernowek Diwedhys yw an seythen ma.

It is a programme full of Late Cornish this week.

RanG #502 – Goon las

Yma rekordyans nowydh ha bardhonek a-dro dhe Woon Las.

There is a new recording and poem about Goon Las.

RanG #501 – Gorsedh Kernow 2020

Ni a dhe Lys Kernow rag Gorsedh nebes dihaval.

We go to Lys Kernow for the slightly different Gorsedh.

RanG #500 – Nadres

Nicholas Williams a gews a-dro dhe nadres, Jenefer Lowe a-dro dhe dhonsya yn-dann rewlys kovyd19, ha Frances Bennett a-dro dhe sidi nowydh.

Nicholas Williams talks about adders, Jenefer Lowe about dancing under covid19 rules, and Frances Bennett tells us about a new CD.

RanG #499 – Myghtern Olaf

Yma hwedhel dhe-les gans Nicholas Williams ow tuchya Myghtern Olaf.

Nicholas Williams has an interesting story about King Olaf.

RanG #498 – Gool an Oriant

Heb Gool an Oriant hevlena, pyth a veu gwrys warlinen yn Kernow?

Without a Lorient festival this year, what was done online in Cornwall?

RanG #497 – Berdh nowydh

Ni a dheu erbynn dew vardh nowydh.

We meet two new bards.