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RanG #534 – Yn kov Neil Plummer

Ni a borth kov a Neil Plummer.

We remember Neil Plummer.

RanG #533 – Pan ve Rod Bardh Meur

Rod a borth kov a’y dermyn hag ev Bardh Meur.

Rod remembers the time when he was Grand Bard.

RanG #532 – Daswel an Bennseythen Gernewek

Yma daswel a’n Bennseythen Gernewek, areth ow tuchya ‘nans, tnow, ha vali’, ha kan nowydh gans Graham Sandercock.

We review the cornish Language Weekend, we have a talk on the place-name elements ‘nans, tnow, & valy’, and there is a new song from Graham Sandercock.

RanG #531 – Kovyow Pennseythenyow Kernewek

Dehweles dhe bennseythenyow Kernewek a’n blydhynyow tremenys a wren.

We return to Cornish Language Weekends of past years.

RanG #530 – Pennseythen Gernewek

Ni a vir orth an dowlen rag Pennseythen Gernewek 2021

We look at the programme for the 2021 Cornish Language Weekend.

RanG #529 – An Teyr Hussul

Nicholas Williams a lever dhyn nebes istori a-dryv dhe’n drolla ma.

Nicholas Williams tells us some history behind this droll.

(Imaj delinyes gans Jowan Richards)

RanG #528 – Pyskessa

Ni a gews ow tuchya pyskessa yn Kaswydh ha Tewynblustri.

We talk about fishing in Cadgwith and Newquay.

RanG #527 – Kopel Pries

Pol ha Jane a borth kov a’ga demedhyans 1992

Pol and Jane remember their wedding in 1992

RanG #526 – Gol Piran

Agan towlen Gol Piran 2021

Our Pirantide show 2021

RanG #525 – Palestin

Tim Saunders a gows a-dro dhe Balestin ha’n wonisogeth.

Tim Saunders speaks about Palestine and its culture.