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RanG #438 – Apollo 11

Davydh Trethewey a gews ow tuchya Apollo 11 nans yw 50 bledhen. Mark Elton eth dhe weles an rygbi dhe Twickenham. Nicholas Williams a lever dhyn an ger rag ‘pub’ yw ‘tavern’

Davydh Trethewey speaks about Apollo 11 fifty years ago. Mark Elston went to see the rugby at Twickenham. Nicholas Williams tells us the word for ‘pub’ is ‘tavern’.

RanG #437 – Fest Kernewek

Gari an Gov a gews genen a-dro dhe Fest Kernewek.

Gary Angove speaks to us about Fest Kernewek.

RanG #436 – Ysolt, Fylm ha Morganow

Nicholas Williams a gews ow tuchya istori an hanow Ysolt ha Merv Davey a lever dhyn neppyth ow tuchya kanow a’n mor.

Nicholas Williams speaks about the history of the name Ysolt while Merv Davey tells us something about shanties.

RanG #435 – Ebron y’n nos

Davydh a vir orth an ebron ha styrya an pyth a welir ynni an mis ma.

Davydh watches the sky and explains what one can see in it this month.

RanG #434 – Rudh po Gell?

Nicholas Williams a wovyn pyth yw an ger ewn – po rudh po gell?

Nicholas Williams asks what is the proper word in Cornish for ‘brown’?

RanG #433 – Piw o Dewi?

Nicholas Williams a lever dhyn prag y kevir Dewi ha Davydh yn Kernewek.

Nicholas Williams tells us why one finds Dewi and Davydh in Cornish.

RanG #432 – Dalva an Yeth

Mark Trevethan a wra daswel a Dhalva an Yeth hag yma Esther Johns genen y’n studhla.

Mark Trevethan reviews Dalva an Yeth and Esther Johns is with us in the studio.

RanG #431 – Wosa Feri Hellys

Towlen leun a geskows hag ilow yw warlergh Gol Feri Hellys.

A programme full of talk and music on the heels of Helston Flora.

(Skeusen: Sarah Tresidder)

RanG #430 – Towl Kernewek Konsel Kernow

Kabynet Konsel Kernow a dhegemer an towl Kernewek.

Cornwall Council’s cabinet accepts the Cornish language plan.

RanG #429 – An Guntelles Keltek

Ray ha Denise Chubb a gespresent an dowlen ma awos bos An Guntelles Keltek an bennseythen ma.

Ray and Denise Chubb co-present this show because it is the Celtic Congress this weekend (26/27ves)