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RanG #469 – Pandr’a welir y’n ebron?

Yma Tim Saunders genen ow ri dhyn blas a wari-sebon usi ow tos kyns pell. Davydh Trethewey a lever dhyn pyth eus dhe vos gwelys yn ebron-nosweyth, ni a woslow orth kanow leun profyes dhe Gan Rag Kernow ha, Nicholas Williams a lever dhyn adro dhe’n ger ‘lion’.

Tim Saunders is with us giving a taste of the soap-opera soon to come, Davydh Trethewey tells us what is to be seen in the night-time sky, we listen to the full songs entered into Kan Rag Kernow, and Nicholas Williams tells us about the word ‘lion’.

RanG #468 – Kan Rag Kernow

Yma Pawl Dunbar ow kespresentya genen – hag yma temmigow a Gan Rag Kernow.

Pawl Dunbar is copresenting with us – and there are teases of Kan Rag Kernow.

Voting link for ‘Kan Rag Kernow’:

RanG #467 – Yeth an Werin Kammbronn

Ni a dhe Yeth an Werin yn Kammbronn.

We go to a ‘Yeth an Werin’ event in Camborne.

RanG #466 – Kosk yn Kres Vanessa

Elizabeth Carne a borth kov a Vanessa Beeman – kyns Bardh Meur ‘Gwenenen’.

Elizabeth Carne remembers Vanessa Beeman – former Grand Bard ‘Gwenenen’.

RanG #465 – Kala Vledhen

Bledhen nowydh da. Yma Ray Chubb genen ow klappya dro dhe Dhydh Tregedna.

Happy new year. Ray Chubb is with us chatting about a Tregedna Day.

RanG #464 – Daswel an Vledhen

Ni a vir war dhe lergh orth an vledhen.

We look back on the year.

RanG #463 – Nadelik yw!

Nadelik yw – ha Esther Johns a gews ow tuchya an seson ma yn hy chi hyhi hag yn Breten Vughan.

It’s Christmas – and Esther Johns talks about this season in HER house and in Brittany.

RanG #462 – Kist Kov

Kensa a lever dhyn a-dro dhe’n ragdres nowydh ‘Kist Kov’.

Kensa tells us about the new project ‘Memory Box’.

RanG #461 – Yma Nadelik nebes moy nes

Ni a sen moy ilow Nadelik.

We play some more Christmas music.

RanG #460 – An Gwyns i’n Helik

Nicholas Williams a gews ow tuchya y dreylyans a’n Gwyns y’n Helik.

Nicholas Williams talks about his translation of The Wind in the Willows.