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RanG #541 – Seythen Kows Kernewek

An seythen ma:

  • Seythen Kows Kernewek
  • Bagas Seyth
  • An ger ‘seneth’
  • Kov Howard Curnow

This week:

  • Speak Cornish Week
  • G7
  • The word ‘seneth’
  • Remembering Howard Curnow

RanG #540 – Chi / Chy

Pyth yw moy es unn chi?

What is more than one house?

RanG #539 – Legest Thermidor

Yma istori dhe les dhe legest thermidor.

There is an interesting history to lobster thermidor.

RanG #538 – Gwariow gocki

Ni a dhalleth agan gwari-panel flamm nowydh an seythen ma.

We start our brand new panel game this week.

RanG #537 – Kovyow John Dudding

Yma dhyn moy a govyow John Dudding an seythen ma.

We have more memories of John Dudding this week.

RanG #536 – Yn kov John Dudding

Yma keswel gans Kslr Loveday Jenkin a-dro dhe’n etholans ha ni a govha John Dudding.

We have an interview with Cllr Loveday Jenkin about the election and we remember John Dudding.

RanG #535 – Rakhenwyn ha Buddha

Pyth yw an gevren gans rakhenwyn Kernewek ha Buddha?

What is the link between Cornish pronouns and Buddha?

RanG #534 – Yn kov Neil Plummer

Ni a borth kov a Neil Plummer.

We remember Neil Plummer.

RanG #533 – Pan ve Rod Bardh Meur

Rod a borth kov a’y dermyn hag ev Bardh Meur.

Rod remembers the time when he was Grand Bard.

RanG #532 – Daswel an Bennseythen Gernewek

Yma daswel a’n Bennseythen Gernewek, areth ow tuchya ‘nans, tnow, ha vali’, ha kan nowydh gans Graham Sandercock.

We review the cornish Language Weekend, we have a talk on the place-name elements ‘nans, tnow, & valy’, and there is a new song from Graham Sandercock.