Matthew Clarke

RanG #433 – Piw o Dewi?

Nicholas Williams a lever dhyn prag y kevir Dewi ha Davydh yn Kernewek.

Nicholas Williams tells us why one finds Dewi and Davydh in Cornish.

RanG #432 – Dalva an Yeth

Mark Trevethan a wra daswel a Dhalva an Yeth hag yma Esther Johns genen y’n studhla.

Mark Trevethan reviews Dalva an Yeth and Esther Johns is with us in the studio.

RanG #431 – Wosa Feri Hellys

Towlen leun a geskows hag ilow yw warlergh Gol Feri Hellys.

A programme full of talk and music on the heels of Helston Flora.

(Skeusen: Sarah Tresidder)

RanG #430 – Towl Kernewek Konsel Kernow

Kabynet Konsel Kernow a dhegemer an towl Kernewek.

Cornwall Council’s cabinet accepts the Cornish language plan.

AN MIS 20 – MIS EBREL 2019

An dowlen ma yw towlen nowodhow yn Kernewek. Dyllys yw pub mis. / This is a Cornish language news programme. It is published every month.

An mis ma / this month:

  • Protest erbynn drehevel re a jiow nowydh yn Kernow / Protest against building too many new homes in Cornwall
  • Hyns-ayr nowydh dhe Heathrow gans Flybe / Flybe’s new route to Heathrow
  • An Bennseythen Gernewek / The Cornish Language Weekend.

RanG #429 – An Guntelles Keltek

Ray ha Denise Chubb a gespresent an dowlen ma awos bos An Guntelles Keltek an bennseythen ma.

Ray and Denise Chubb co-present this show because it is the Celtic Congress this weekend (26/27ves)

RanG #428 – Sidi nowydh Keur Heb Hanow

Ni a gews gans Keur Heb Hanow ow tuchya aga sidi nowydh.

We talk with Keur Heb Hanow about their new CD.

RanG #427 – Pennseythen Gernewek 2019

Ni a dhe Dewyn Bleustri rag an Bennseythen Gernewek.

We are off to Newquay for the Cornish language weekend.

RanG #426 – Rod Lyon ha dyski Kernewek

Rod a gews dhyn a’n termyn pan dhallathas dyski Kernewek.

Rod speaks to us of the time when he began learning Cornish.

RanG #425 – Dewgh ha Neyja Genev

Flybe a lonch gonis nowydh dhe Gernow gans devnydh a Gernewek.

Flybe launches a new service to Cornwall with a use of Cornish.