Month: January 2023

AN MIS 62 – mis Genver 2023

An dowlen ma yw towlen nowodhow yn Kernewek. Dyllys yw pub mis. / This is a Cornish language news programme. It is published every month.

An Mis ma:

  • Enys men
  • Jowdy Davey
  • Pol Hodge
  • Esther Johns

An Mis Cornish Language Television Programmes

An Mis is the half hour monthly Cornish Language TV programme produced by Pellwolok an Gernewegva.

Funding for An Mis is running out. To save An Mis, please contribute regularly, if you can. We will use any extra funds to make other Cornish Media productions.

Y’n eur ma yma towlen bellwolok y’n yeth kernewek, hanter our hy hirder ha misyek hy menowghter, gwrys gans Pellwolok an Gernewegva. Nyns eus arghans vyth rygdhi yn 2021. Rewgh arghans yn fenowgh mar kyllowgh, rag sawya An Mis.  

RanG #625 – Mark Jenkin

Mark Jenkin a gews genen a-dro dh’y fylm nowydh ‘Enys Men’. Yma ganso, Denzil Monk, askorrer a’n fylm.

Mark Jenkin speaks with us about his new film ‘Enys Men’. The film’s producer, Denzil Monk, joins him.

RanG #624 – Jowdy Davey

Yma Jowdy Davey ow klappya genen an seythen ma wosa hi dhe dhalleth hy soodh nowydh avel hembrenkyas an taves dhe Gonsel Kernow.

Jowdy Davey is chatting with us this week after she started her new position as Lead Cornish Language Officer at Cornwall Council.


RanG #623 – An fusen

Jerry Sethir a dhre derivas dhyworth Porth Efanvos Kernow.

Jerry Sethir brings a report from Cornwall Spaceport.

RanG #622 – Daswelyow

Meur a lyvrow-termyn hag erel re dheuth dhyn dres Nadelik. Ytho, y fydhyn ni ow kul daswel bras an seythen ma.

Many magazines and other things have come to us over Christmas. So, we will be doing a big review this week.