Month: August 2022

RanG #603 – Nerth Nowydhadow

An seythen ma:

  • ‘Nerth Nowydhadow’ – gans Peter Jenkin
  • ‘Merlyn’ – gans Nicholas Williams
  • ‘An Fenester Igerys’ (rann 1) – gans Tim Saunders
  • Daswel dyllans nowydh An Gannas.

Kreft Kernow

Ni a wrug hwegh darn ow tochya kreftweyth yn An Mis hevlena. Lemmyn, ottomma towlen orth aga dri warbarth. / We produced 6 parts of a feature on An Mis this year which looked at Cornish speakers who were into a craft of some sort. This show is a pull-together of those items. Enjoy.

An Mis Cornish Language Television Programmes

An Mis is the half hour monthly Cornish Language TV programme produced by Pellwolok an Gernewegva.

Funding for An Mis is running out. To save An Mis, please contribute regularly, if you can. We will use any extra funds to make other Cornish Media productions.

Y’n eur ma yma towlen bellwolok y’n yeth kernewek, hanter our hy hirder ha misyek hy menowghter, gwrys gans Pellwolok an Gernewegva. Nyns eus arghans vyth rygdhi yn 2021. Rewgh arghans yn fenowgh mar kyllowgh, rag sawya An Mis.  

RanG #602 – Berdh nowydh

An seythen ma:

  • Berdh nowydh 2022 gans Pol Hodge
  • ‘Bisson’ – gans Nicholas Williams
  • “Berdh yn Efanvos” – gans Albert Boch

RanG #601 – Festival Interceltique de Lorient

An seythen ma:

  • Gool Keskeltek an Oriant – Jenefer Lowe
  • ‘Frynk dres an mor’ – gans Nicholas Williams
  • “Tan war an Menydh” (rann 2) – gans Tim Saunders.

RanG #600 – Ors ha Brogh

An seythen ma:

  • ‘Ors ha Brogh’ – gans Nicholas Williams
  • ‘Mynoryta Kernewek’ – daswel an gwari Alan M Kent gans Delia Brotherton.
  • “Out of the Ordinalia” – gans Alan M Kent, Treylyes gans Pol Hodge ha lennys gans Matthi ab Dewi
  • “Tan war an Menydh” (rann 1) – gans Tim Saunders.