Month: May 2020

RanG #486 – Lien

Sam Brown a lenn nebes bardhonegow.

Sam Brown reads some poems.

RanG #485 – Ragdres IndyLan

Y fydh app nowydh rag Kernewek.

There will be a new app for Cornish.


RanG #484 – Gool An Oriant

Jenefer Lowe a dheriv bos Gool an Oriant delatyes hevlena.

Jenefer Lowe reports that the Lorient Festival is cancelled this year.


RanG #483 – An Mernans Du

Nicholas Williams a lever dhyn dro dhe’n Mernans Du.

Nicholas Williams tells us about the Black Death.


RanG #482 – Kala Me Lowen

Seni nebes tonyow Kala Me a wren.

We play some tunes for the first of May.