Month: March 2019

RanG #425 – Dewgh ha Neyja Genev

Flybe a lonch gonis nowydh dhe Gernow gans devnydh a Gernewek.

Flybe launches a new service to Cornwall with a use of Cornish.


An dowlen ma yw towlen nowodhow yn Kernewek. Dyllys yw pub mis. / This is a Cornish language news programme. It is published every month.

An mis ma / this month:

  • Drehevel chiow
  • Bauer a bren Pirate FM
  • Gol Piran

RanG #424 – Bardhonegow

Yma towlen leun a vardhonegow an seythen ma.

We have a show full of poems this week.

RanG #423 – Cwlwm Celtaidd

Ni a dhe Borthcawl yn Kembra rag gool keskeltek.

We go to Porthcawl in Wales for an interceltic festival.

Bramm ha Bramm 2

Ottomma komedi berr yn Kernewek. Bedhewgh war awos bos geryow mollethi ha testennow garow ynni.

Here is a short comedy in Cornish. Beware, there is language and subjects unsuitable for children in this programme.

RanG #422 – Wosa Gol Piran

Ni a dhe Resrudh, Porthpiran, Truru ha Hellys rag Gol Piran.

We go to Redruth, Perranporth, Truro and Helston for Pirantide.


An fylm ma a wra daralla viaj delow Piran a Gernow dhe Vreten Vyghan. Fylmys veu dre vras gans Stephen Gainey. Ev a’n hwedhlas ynwedh. Pellwolok an Gernewegva re wrug an fylm a dri darn fylmys abarth ‘An Mis’ 2018 kyns Stephen dhe verwel. Ytho, an fylm ma yw tribut dhe vewnans Mab Hirnans.

This film tells the story of the voyage of the statue of St Piran from Cornwall to Brittany. It was filmed mainly by Stephen Gainey. He narrated it too. Pellwolok an Gernewegva made the film from three items filmed for ‘An Mis’ in 2018 before Stephen died. So, this film is a tribute to the life of Mab Hirnans.