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RANG #378 – Diwedh an seson rygbi

Yma dhe Rod Lyon nowodhow rygbi diwedh seson An Vorladron. Rod Lyon has the end of rugby season news for the Pirates.

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RANG #377 – Bretonegva – ZAD

Esther Johns a lever dhyn a-dro dhe ragdresow henwys ZAD yn Breten Vyghan. Esther Johns tells us about projects called ZAD in Brittany.

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RANG #376 – Tir ha Tavas

Fatel o an viaj dhe Iwerdhon gans Tir ha Tavas? How was the voyage to Ireland with Tir ha Tavas?

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RANG #375 – Pennseythen Gernewek

Yth eson ni ow terivas a-dro dhe Bennseythen Gernewek This week we report on the Cornish Language Weekend.

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RANG #374 – An PanCeltic

Yth eson ni ow terivas a-dro dhe’n PanKeltek an seythen ma. This week we report on the PanCeltic.

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