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RANG #387 – Gool Kernewek / Cornish Festival

Ni a dhe Wool Kernewek dhe Grestir We go to the Cornish Festival at Heartlands.

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RANG #386 – An Gannas 2

Ni a gews pella gans Graham Sandercock We talk more with Graham Sandercock

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RANG #385 – Seythen Kewsel Kernewek

Ni a dhysk nebes yn kever an seythen arbennik ma. We learn a little about this important week.

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RANG #384 – An Gannas

Graham Sandercock a lever fatel wrug ev dalleth An Gannas Graham Sandercock tells us how he started An Gannas

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RANG #382 – Hel Rag Kernow

Shaun McBride a wra derivas a-dro dhe dhegeans Hel rag Kernow. Shaun McBride reports on the closure of the Hall For Cornwall.

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