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RANG #406 – Towlargh ha Hireth

Stephen Gainey a gows warlergh towlargh 2018 hag Ed Rowe a gows war desten y wari nowydh. Stephen Gainey speaks after the 2018 budget and Ed Rowe talks about his new play. Ha moy/and more…

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RANG #405 – 40ves Lowender Peran

Yth eson ni orth Lowender Peran unnweyth moy. Once again we are at Lowender Peran.

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RANG #403 – Kyns Lowender Peran

Yma nebes tus na yll gortos!! There are some people who can’t wait!

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RANG #402 – Skians 2018

Ni a dhe geskusulyans Skians. We attend the Skians conference.

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RANG #401 – Bewnans Meriasek

Ray Chubb a lonch lyver nowydh a’n gwari ‘Bewnans Meriasek’. Ray Chubb launches a new book of the play ‘Life of St Meriasek’.

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