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RanG #415 – Jaqi ha Jerry der an BBC / J&J on the BBC

Yth esa BBC Spotlight ha Radyo Kernow ow kudha lonch JhaJ2. BBC Spotlight & Radio Cornwall covered the launch of J&J2

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RanG #413 – Viaj dhe Alban

Ni a dhe Alban dhe weles Yowann Byghan / We go to Scotland to visit Yowann Byghan.

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RanG #412 – An Vledhen Nowydh

Yth eson ni owth omlowenhe an vledhen nowydh gans Pol ha Jane.

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RanG #411 – Towlen Nadelik

Rang #411 – Towlen Nadelik Yth eson ni owth omlowenhe Nadelik gans Pol ha Jane.

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RanG #410 – Keur Heb Hanow

Rang #410 – Keur Heb Hanow Dyski a wren yn kever hwedhel a Geur Heb Hanow. We learn about the story of Keur Heb Hanow.

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