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RANG #398 – Kammbronn Diwyethek

Lyverva Gammbronn yw dasigerys gans Kernewek pub le. Camborne Library is reopened with Cornish everywhere.

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RANG #397 – Logh a saw an Jydh / Looe Saves the Day

An gool ilow logh yw lemmyn ‘Logh a Saw an Jydh’ gans pennlinennores PP Arnold. The Looe Music Festival is now ‘Looe Saves the Day’ with headliner PP Arnold.

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RANG #396 – Gorsedh Kernow 2018

Yth eson ni ow terivas orth Gorsedh Kernow 2018 We are reporting at the 2018 Cornish Gorsedh.

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RANG #395 – Jynn Newcomen

Dyski a wren adro dhe Jynn Newcomen. We learn about Newcomen’s engine.

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RANG #394 – Dhe gov a Vocka Du

Galari a wren mernans Albert Bock We lament the passing of Albert Bock

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RANG #393 – An Oriant

Esther a dheriv war an gool dhe’n Oriant Esther reports on the Lorient festival

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