Dynnargh dhe’n wiasva nowydh / Welcome to the new website

Wosa pymp bledhen, ni re dhasfurvyas agan gwiasva may hallo diskwedhes towlennow radyo ha pellwolok yn gis es y weles. Yth esa nebes tommennow a-hys an fordh awos an hen-ost. Byttegyns, Nigel Pengelly re beu bryntin hag ev owth oberi dredha.

An folen ma yw dhywgh hwi. Mars eus neppyth a dal bos argemmynys, leverewgh dhyn rag ni dh’y worra y’n vlogva ma.


After five years, we have overhauled our website so that it shows the radio and TV episodes in an easy to view format. There have been a few bumps caused by our former host – however, Nigel Pengelly has been brilliant in working through these.

This news page is for you. If you have something that needs to be advertised, then tell us and we will put it in our website blog.